Olton WW Hockey Club - Data Protection Declaration.

1. Introduction.

All organisations  of any size and status that hold computer records are subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act
although most 'not-for-profit organisations' such as 'small sports clubs' are exempt from its regulatory provisions,
where the information held is for 'establishing or maintaining membership'.

2. What Computer Data Does Olton WW HC Hold Regarding Club Members.

3. Purposes for Which Olton WW HC Club Holds Membership Data.

The above data is held by the club for the following present or future purposes:-

4. Undertaking by Olton WW HC with Regard to Computerised Membership Data.

The club undertakes to ensure as far as it is able that computer records of personal data are accurate and mutually consistent.

The club undertakes to use member  computer records for no other purposes other than those described in this document.

The club undertakes not to communicate this information to third parties for any purpose without the members consent.

The club undertakes to observe individual members wishes on mode of communication. Specifically
members may indicate that they do not wish their basic contact details to be available to other members,
they do/do not wish to receive email communications. The normal alternative to email for most club member
communications will be the club website and club notice board and verbal announcements at meetings.

5. Undertakings By Members.

The member undertakes when joining or renewing his membership with the the club to abide by the club rules.
These rules include an acceptance by the member of the club's policies and undertakings regarding the use of
computers for the administration of member records as described above.

Olton WW Hockey Club